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How to avoid paying a 135% increase on Facebook Advertising costs


Social Media advertising is in a constant state of testing and tweaking, and that effort is for good reason.  Social Media channel algorithms don’t like stale ads and it gets costly if you neglect them.  

I listed below Expressions performance and ad spend costs for keeping your Facebook ads fresh, with 2-to- 3 ads per month.  

Then, the cost increase and low click through graphic further below, when ads stay the same.


Facebook Advertising stats for 1st Trimester

The more people see the same ads, the more bored they’ll get.

This means after your target audience has seen your Facebook ad four times or more, the cost-per-click will increase significantly.

Rotate and revise your ads to avoid ad fatique and higher cost per click (CPC Increase of up to – 135% +).  

Source: Adespresso

The graph above illustrates how click through rates (CTR) go down dramatically, while cost goes straight up.   The bottom-line, keep it fresh. 

64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month. 

Animoto, 2017

Facebook Video Ads

A small sample of videos created with branding and messaging for Trimester 1.

We placed a strong focus on PowerView motorization for the Energy meets Elegance Event.


Facebook Single Image & Carousel Ads

A series of images created for the 1st Trimester Ad – Energy meets Elegance.

**The photos and messaging shown are not in sequence and come from different ads.**


According to eConsultancy, 56 percent of online consumers abandon purchases because of a lack of information about the product, service, or delivery. If any information is perceived to be lacking, online consumers can move on to another shopping site with a quick swipe or click. 


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