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The luxury wallpapers of hotels, spas, and restaurants are now available for your home. Add a touch of personality to your walls with our vast selection of patterns, prints, geometric patterns, floral/tropical, animal prints, textures, weaves, woven fabrics and more. Whether you require residential or commercial wallpaper, we have the wall coverings for you. Come see the possibilities at our showroom.


Large Pattern Wallpaper

A classic and modern look can be achieved with large pattern wallpaper.  A large scale pattern creates a bold and elegant environment in any room.  From whimsical to clean and crisp stylings.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper offers your home a modern take on  motifs and decorative geometric style.  Geometric wallpaper and borders starts are from the ages inspiration from architecture and styling from across the Globe.

Floral/Tropical Wallpaper

Come see our large selection of floral wallpaper and botanical patterns .  Bring a sense of nature inside your home.

Grasscloths/Woven Fabrics Wallpaper

 Natural textures and vibrant colours gives depth and a sophistication to you home.  Grasscloths and woven linens provide a clean and classic theme to any room.  

Small Pattern Wallpaper

Small patterned wallpaper adds life to your walls without  too much focus. Wallpapers with smaller patterns can easily create space and movement in your walls while staying discrete.

Stripes Wallpaper

Stripes wallpaper give your room a beautiful simplicity and striking style of one of the most enduring and accessible patterns, Expressions at Home offers a range of playful, elegant and sophisticated styles to suit any interior scheme.



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